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How to Be Attractive in 8 Simple Steps

1. Be Truly Glad to Meet People We often say, “Nice to meet you,” when we’re introduced to somebody new. But do we really mean it? Learning how to be charming means learning to show people that you genuinely are excited to meet them. You can achieve this in part by “mirroring” the other person. Smile when they smile, and laugh when they laugh. They’ll naturally feel like they’re important to you, even if you just met. Preserve eye contact


Texting Bonus For Men

Done-For-You Sexy Texts Here are over 200 sexy text messages and conversation starters for you to use. They range from nice to naughty. You can use them exactly as they appear here, or you can change them to suit your style or particular mood. Some of these work great as quick little messages to break up the monotony of a normal day. Others are openings to longer conversations. So I’ve broken them into two sections. However, a quickie can lead

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