Date Archive: February, 2020

Do you look around other eligible singles in nightclubs and wonder if you’ll ever find a suitable partner?

Does your group of friends seem to be made up of more and more married and less and less single friends? Are you worried that time is getting longer? Internet dating may seem at first a drastic (and perhaps risky) step to take. But there are things you can do to maximize your chances of success while minimizing the risks. The first step in venturing into the online dating community is to overcome the idea that what you are doing


In the early stage of internet dating sites..

A few years ago, personal ads in newspapers generally read like this: “The good single woman is looking for a caring and loving single man for a long-term relationship. She has to like cats. At that time, getting an appointment was often like that, and there are some people who actually had enough luck finding people to go out that way. But during this era of the Internet, those personal newspaper ads are so outdated and have already been replaced

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