How do you create a romance between two people?

It’s not like it’s just going to pop out of the ground and then you’re going to have a romantic evening. It doesn’t happen that way, at least not in our world. What does happen is that people have been having that romance all along, that romantic tension. That’s what romance is, isn’t it? However, it tends to be gone by the time that the third date happens. When do they start feeling a bit more romantic, though? First, romance

How to Be Attractive in 8 Simple Steps

1. Be Truly Glad to Meet PeopleWe often say, “Nice to meet you,” when we’re introduced to somebody new. But do we really mean it? Learning how to be charming means learning to show people that you genuinely are excited to meet them. You can achieve this in part by “mirroring” the other person. Smile when they smile, and laugh when they laugh. They’ll naturally feel like they’re important to you, even if you just met. Preserve eye contact and

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